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Founded in 1999 by former employees of Ohio Medical, Cyprane, and Datex Ohmeda; We are dedicated to the manufacturing, service and repair of anesthetic vaporizers. Trust your vaporizer to the highly trained & certified staff at V.S.S. Inc. We are anesthetic vaporizer specialist; no one knows your vaporizer better than we do.

Vaporizer Sales and Service throughout the United StatesVaporizer sales and Service thoughout the United States /

WHY (VSS) Vaporizer Sales and Service? What we offer;
1) Knowledgeable Trained and Certified professionals
2) Competitive Pricing
3) Patient Safety
4) Product Reliability
5) Service, Sales and Exchange
6) Maintenance / Troubleshooting Customer Service

Our Specialized Veterinary Vaporizer Acessories include Inlet/Outlet Adapters, Cagemount Manifolds, Selectatec Manifolds, Pole Mounts, Tubing, Pin Index Fill Adapters and Anti Spill Adapters

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